The Ripple Effect

We told you last month about our NPR story, which aired nationally on NPR’s Weekend Edition on March 17. Turns out, there are a lot of Great Neighbors like you out there, and the story has generated inquiries and offers of support from across the country. One of the groups that contacted us, The Good People Fund, made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. GPF funds projects where “small actions have huge impacts.” Sound like any Neighborly actions you know?? We are excited to announce that GPF has offered International Neighbors a $10,000 matching award to support our work, with two conditions:


  1. GPF asks that we spread the word! They want part of the gift to be used to develop a “Great Neighbors Manual” to assist and further inspire those who have reached out to us, and others like them. From simple ideas about how to reach out on a personal level all the way to how to begin to build non-profit organizations in their own communities to serve resettled refugees, this “how-to manual” for Great Neighborliness will be a guide to establishing networks to help refugees better navigate the long road from surviving to thriving.

  2. To earn the match, IN needs to raise an additional $10,000 this spring from the local Cville community specifically to support our work right here at home. When this money is raised, we will receive the matching $10,000 from GPF!

We simply couldn’t be prouder than to have our work recognized in these ways. Will you support IN’s Ripple Effect Campaign, and watch the ripples of YOUR efforts here in Charlottesville spread across the nation?